Children’s Ministry


The Children’s Ministry of Antioch

Building Christ-centered, missional, discipled and connected children

Our Values/Guiding Principles:

Christ Centered – Our focus is on Jesus Christ – who He is, how much He loves us, and His plan for each child’s life.

Safe – Everything about our ministry is designed to create a safe place for children physically, emotionally and spiritually. All of our children’s ministry volunteers are thoroughly screened, including a criminal background check. For all children up through preschool age, a security tagging system is used to identify children with their parents. Older children are released by their teacher to a parent or guardian.

Family Focused – We believe that the spiritual development of a child is primarily the responsibility of his/her parents. The church’s role is to assist parents in this transformation by providing emotional, spiritual and material support.

Fun – We strive to teach Biblical truth in fun and exciting ways so that each child will eagerly seek out the things of God and experience joy in learning about Him and being in His house.

Classes with Creative & Applicable Bible Teaching – We strive to teach God’s Word in age appropriate ways with attention to children’s varied learning styles. Our goal is to actively engage the children in memorable explorations of God and His Word, so that each child is able to translate Bible truths into relevant, real life experiences.


Swahili for “Creation,” Waumbaland is the ministry of KidZone that provides a safe and nurturing environment for the newest members of God’s creation infants and toddlers up to age 2. Waumbaland is located in the

Our goals for Waumbaland children are that they will know:

  1. God made me.
  2. God loves me.
  3. The Bible is God’s true word.


Preschool Park is our KidZone ministry for 3-5  year olds.
Preschool Park children experience a Biblically-based curriculum with theme-based, character-driven lessons, age-appropriate worship and life-application activities.

Our goals for Preschool Park children are that they will know:

  1. God made me.
  2. God loves me.
  3. The Bible is God’s true word.



Upstreet is the ministry of KidZone for kindergarten to fourth grade children.
In Upstreet, kids will experience an exciting Bible-based curricululm full of fantastic skits, inspiring Bible stories, meaningful small group activities and lively worship.

Our goals for Upstreet kids are:

1. I will make the wise choice.

2. I can trust God no matter what.

3. I should treat others the way I want to be treated.



Club 56 is the ministry of KidZone for fifth and sixth grade students.
In Club 56, kids dive into the Bible to grapple with tough questions in meaningful ways so they can understand and own their faith.

Our goals for Club 56 kids are that they will:

  1. Know Christ personally as their Savior and Lord.
  2. Develop a Biblical worldview.
  3. Be comfortable sharing their personal testimony and faith with others.