Our Church Plants

We at Antioch believe in partnering with the YMCA and as a result, we love planting churches in Y’s! Here are the links to our sister churches, planted directly from Antioch.

Landen church in the Countryside YMCA : : https://www.landenchurch.com

While “church” often refers to an event, program, or building, we believe the Church is really the people themselves who have accepted the invitation to follow Jesus and love each other like family. We believe that one of the best places family can be experienced is in a home around a dinner table.  As a result, our church gathers on a weekly basis at several homes throughout the area in smaller groups which we call “Missional Families.” Each Missional Family (or MFam for less of a mouthful) is made up of about 20-40 people (of all ages, stages, and backgrounds)  who do life together as they encourage each other to embrace the love of Jesus and to share his love wherever they live, work, and play.   

Pastor Brian Mease – [email protected]

The Gathering church in the Countryside YMCA Maineville : : https://www.thegatheringcity.com

We are a people who exist to love one God, love one another and make disciples of all peoples. We seek to do this by gathering as a church to worship (up) and scattering to make disciples (in and out). Our aim is to be a Christ-exalting, discipleship-focused community that is strategic to love our community by loving and serving the YMCA and all peoples. We’d love for you to gather with us on Sunday mornings and in community groups throughout the week.

Pastor Mike Newman – [email protected]