Our Commitments

At Antioch, we have three foundational commitments that our entire ministry is built upon. Often people ask, “Hey, what kind of church are you, anyways?” It is our hope that these three ministry commitments would be the very essence of the answer to that question. We have formed these commitments from the original church of Antioch in Acts 11 and 13. They exemplified these commitments in such a way that their city, their region and the entire world has never been the same. We want no less than that for our church!!!


Up (Acts 11:20, 21, 23)

In Antioch, they had a simple, yet single message that seemed to resound in all of their words and actions. Their message was Jesus. (vs. 20) Their lives seemed to be radically centered around Christ. They spoke of Him, sang to Him, loved like Him, learned about Him, and lived like Him, to the point that that the culture simply had to create a label this whole new category of people. So they were called, “Christians”, meaning, “little Christs”. (11:26) Their lives seemed to reach upward towards the Lord.

Above all things, we desire that Christ would be the center of our church. We really believe that the hope of Jesus Christ is the deep, heart-need that our world is crying out for. Therefore, we want Jesus to be the focus of our preaching and the object of our worship. We want our worship services to be more about God and less about any of us. No matter where people are in their journey of faith, when they come to us, we want them to encounter Christ!


Out(Acts 11:20, 21, 24, and 13:1-3)

When a church has a passion to know Christ, the natural overflow is a passion to make Him known! In Antioch, the clear result of the hand of the Lord being upon them, (21) was that a great number of people turned to the Lord. They not only proclaimed and displayed the Gospel in their community but they sent out missionaries and planted churches all over the world.

We want to be a church that aligns ourselves with the heart of God in His mission to redeem people from every tribe, language, people, and nation. (Rev. 5) We also believe that God has sovereignly placed us in one of the great gathering points of Warren County, the Countryside YMCA. Throughout History, God has used the people of God, through the avenue of the YMCA, to bring renewal to many countries all over the world. We will continue to be a part of that story as we will plant churches, send out missionaries and continue to build churches that are connected to YMCAs all over the world. We believe that God hasn’t currently called us to merely rent a room, but to be used by Him to proclaim and display His story to the YMCA, to this community and to the world.


In (Acts 11:25-26)

In Antioch, they recognized that their ultimate goal was not realized in decisions being made for Christ. They knew that people needed to be built into true disciples of Christ. (25-26)

Likewise, we desire that every person in this congregation would be growing in depth in their walk with the Lord and would be equipped to fulfill the Great Commission by making disciples of others.  In this way, we are a church that is not only reaching upward and outward, but inward.


We also believe that disciples of Jesus truly grow in the context of authentic community. On Sunday morning, we gather together to sing and learn and laugh and worship! However, we also experience life, together, in our homes. We believe that following Jesus is lived out in relationships. Therefore, we gather around fireplaces and kitchen tables, opening the Bible and opening our lives. We encourage and forgive and find hope and renewal.  Our church is committed to helping you reach inward, that you might grow in your own walk with God.