Who Are We?

We are men and women, students and toddlers. We are seasoned grandparents and crying babies. We are teachers and business owners, pilots and steel makers. We stare at computer screens and we drive kids to soccer practice. We tend to work long hours and change many diapers. A few of us are rested, but many of us are tired. We are real people living real lives.

And yet, our normal lives are bound together by something that is far beyond us. On Sunday morning, we gather in the Countryside Y’s Event Center which transforms into a living conduit of worship. We sing and learn and laugh and cry together.

We also experience life, together, in our homes. We believe that following Jesus is lived out in relationships. Therefore, we gather around fireplaces and kitchen tables, opening the Bible and opening our lives. We encourage and forgive and find hope and renewal.

Ultimately, we are a community of people that is growing in our relationship with Jesus Christ. And wherever you are in the journey, there is room for you right here!