Reading Plans

Our prayer is that the people of Antioch would know and love God through His word (UP arrow) pray for one another (IN Arrow), and pray for those who do not yet know Him (OUT Arrow).

“For Ezra set his heart to study the Law of the Lord, and to do it and to teach his statutes and rules in Israel” (Ezra 7:10)

If you ever wanted to go back and reflect on something from a previous reading plan, you can find them all here.

Foundations 2022

Welcome to our January 2022 reading plan! We will be pausing our Matthew study to spend some time focusing on the foundations of Antioch. Our founding values are UP, OUT, and IN and we want to spend time in the Word and remind ourselves why those values are important! Before you read each day, meditate on Acts 11:23 (up arrow), pray for one person to know Christ (out arrow) and one person to grow in Him (in arrow).

Advent 2021

We will be pausing our Matthew study to embrace the Advent season and prepare our hearts to celebrate the birth of our savior, Jesus!

Follow Me 2021

Join us as we dive deeply into the Gospel of Matthew and learn more about what it really means to follow Jesus, explore His teaching in depth, and worship Him as Savior and King through His death and resurrection.

Foundations 2021

Every year in January we pause everything else and go back to the biblical origins of our church name and the foundational tenets of our church. Join us as we learn more about our values of UP, OUT, and IN!

Advent 2020

Throughout the course of Church history, Christians have commonly looked to four themes during Advent – Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace. This Christmas Season, we will be diving deep into each theme and considering how the birth of Christ creates the way to live all of life with the themes of Advent.

He Reigns

The book of Revelation is a mysterious, apocalyptic, book which has often caused confusion and controversy. However, the great themes of this book are that King Jesus reigns on a throne, is coming soon and is making all things new. In the midst of volatile and confusing times, the certainty of our reigning and coming King will be our great anchor and hope.

Church Reset

There was a moment where John was in quarantine on the island of Patmos and his time there was interrupted by an encounter with Jesus. Jesus told John that He wanted to reset the values, the priorities and the very heartbeat of the local church.

Each week we will spend time in a letter to one of the churches. In our current season of quarantine, when our normal routines have been disrupted, let’s spend time in His Word and ask Him what else he would ask us to reset.

June 2020 – The Sermon on the Mount

As we continue our sermon series in James, we are going to be reading through the Sermon on the Mount. It shares many parallels with the book of James because it contains a lot of practical wisdom. In James, the wisdom comes from a faithful disciple but in the Sermon on the Mount it comes straight from the mouth of Jesus. We are praying that these teachings would challenge you, bless you and draw you closer to God as you read along with us this month.

May 2020 – Proverbs

As we begin our sermon series in James, we are going to be reading through Proverbs. Both are books seeking wisdom and containing many practical teaching elements. Our format is going to look a little different for this month. There are 31 days in May and 31 Proverbs, so you’ll be getting a “Proverb a day.” Rather than 31 different questions, we’ll have you ponder the same two questions each day. Our hope is that through these questions the Lord would reveal new wisdom to you and give you encouragement to live out your faith with boldness and joy.

He is Risen

We are going to spend the first part of April preparing our hearts for Easter by dwelling on texts from the Gospels and the Prophets that lead up to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Our prayer is that your picture of Christ and the cross would grow a bit bigger and your gratitude for his sacrifice would grow as well.