Prayer and Counseling

Here at Antioch we reach IN to love and serve one another and to grow in Christ together. Our biblical counseling program, care ministry, and prayer ministry enable us to bless one another as the body of Christ.

Biblical Counseling

We believe that God has given us His Word to help shine a light and bring hope in difficult seasons and situations. Our biblical counseling program is free and is designed to bring hope and healing through the exploration and application of God’s Word. 

Care Ministry

We believe that one of the reasons God has united us as the Body of Christ is to care for one another well. Do you have a tangible need? We would love to serve you! 

Share your needs with us.

Here are some examples of past care requests to give you an idea:

  • Moving Help

  • Meals

  • Transportation

  • Hospital visitation

  • Lawn Maintenance

  • Handiwork around the house

Prayer Ministry:

We believe that when God’s people pray, God hears and His heart is moved. Because of this, we believe it is very important to always be praying for one another! 

Here at Antioch we actually have two aspects to our prayer teams - intercessory prayer and prayer ministry. Our intercessory prayer team is constantly receiving prayer requests and praying for each request as they go about their day. Our prayer ministry team prays for people in-person on Sunday mornings and at other church events. 

Can we pray for you? Come see us on Sunday morning or