Church Family,

As we enter Passion Week, Passover and Easter, while also being told the hardest week(s) of the virus is ahead, we want to call our church family to carve out time this week to pray, seek the face of God and ask Him to heal our land.  A very real plague is among us in our world. Now more than ever we can appropriate our trust in the blood of the Lamb just like during the original Passover now made available to all because of the cross of Jesus Christ! 

What an incredible time to join together and pray and agree with God to bring redemption, light, salvation and healing to this world. This will be a significant week, church family! We are asking you to join in.

We would love to fill 1-hour prayer slots to have continual prayer from 6am Tuesday – Friday at midnight. Pray as a family, individually, or with a friend. Consider taking a slot each day or fasting the meal closest to the time you choose. Feel free to utilize the resources below to structure your time. 

We encourage your prayer topics to include: A deep examination of your own personal faith, a greater sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, continued renewal in our land, restoration to family units, that God would bring an end to the spread of the virus, prayer for the Church & Governmental leaders, and prayers for the incredible frontline workers. 

Additionally, our good friends who visited us in the fall, Pete and Patti Shambrook from Cedarhouse, will also be leading 24 hour prayer for 3 days and have asked us to join in with them.  Feel free to sign up at the same time for both their sign up and ours. God is moving in our midst and it is such a gift to participate with Him for what He has on His heart for this season.  Join with us! – Carl Johnson

Click here to sign up for an Antioch prayer time slot. Multiple people can sign up for the same time.

Click here to sign up for a Cedarhouse prayer time slot. Multiple people can sign up for the same time.

Prayer Resources:

Prayer Guide: Ways to Structure an Hour of Prayer

Prayer for Deliverance from Coronavirus

Additional 60 Minute Prayer Guide – The Lord’s Prayer