Get Connected

People need community. Learning how to follow Jesus happens best when we are connected to each other. At Antioch, we believe that both spiritual and personal growth happen best in the context of community, when we take time to participate in each other’s lives. There are several “on-ramps” to get connected- for those who are new or for those who just haven’t had an opportunity yet.


God did not create us to live in isolation. We believe that groups are places where you can connect with God and others and discover that our lives have purpose, meaning and true significance. We offer many different types of groups at Antioch- all with the goal of deepening our connection with each other and God.


Children thrive through connection with believers and teachers of God’s word. We strive to build Christ-centered, missional, discipled and connected children.


Antioch Student Ministries seek to intentionally share God’s love with students while connecting them with other Christians and challenging them to grow in becoming like Christ. We strive to teach and show them how to serve others out of their love for God.

Next Steps

Commitment and deeper participation in a church can come with a lot of questions. Our “Next Steps” class is a place for you to learn about how to get involved, how to join our church family, and ways to serve. Join us in Next Steps to get a deeper look at what Antioch is all about.

New Members Class

Our New Members Class is a three-week class for those who have already taken “Next Steps” and wish to become members of our church family. We’d love for you to consider joining our family!