Biblical Counseling

Jesus brings hope. Jesus brings healing. Jesus gives life.

Our Philosophy

We believe that God has given us His Word to help shine a light and bring hope in difficult seasons and situations, and that God’s Word is sufficient for all our needs. As such, we offer free Biblical counseling to help lift you out of darkness and pain and bring you into freedom and healing.

What to expect

All of our counselors have gone through ACBC Training. 

Our biblical counseling program is free and is designed to bring hope and healing through the exploration and application of God’s Word. 

Our counselors are able to help people through a variety of issues. Some of the more common problems we routinely help people through include:

  • Those struggling in their marriage
  • Parents in raising children
  • Those dealing with sexual sin
  • Those struggling with their emotional or mental health (e.g. depression or anger).

Regardless of the issue you are struggling with, we believe that God’s Word is sufficient to answer any of life’s problems and questions.


If you are ready to pursue biblical counseling, please click here to fill out our interest form and one of our counselors will reach out to follow up with you.