At the church of Antioch recorded in the book of Acts, they modeled that their ultimate goal was not fully realized in decisions being made for Christ. They knew that people needed to be built into true disciples of Christ (Acts 11:25- 26)
. Likewise, we desire that every person in this congregation would be growing in depth in their walk with the Lord and would be equipped to fulfill the Great Commission by making disciples of others. In this way, we are a church that is not only reaching upward and outward, but also inward.

We believe that disciples of Jesus truly grow in the context of authentic community. On Sunday morning, we gather together to sing and learn and laugh and worship! However, we also experience life, together, in our homes. We believe that following Jesus is lived out in relationships. Therefore, we gather around fireplaces and kitchen tables, opening the Bible and opening our lives. We encourage and forgive and find hope and renewal. Our church is committed to helping you reach inward, that you might grow in your own walk with God. With that in mind, we encourage all of our members to be involved in groups.


What are groups?

We offer many different types of groups at Antioch, all with the goal of deepening our connection with each other and God. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].


Bible Studies

These Groups typically have defined timeframes & direction or curriculum. They are a great way to step into both relationships with fellow believers and take a deeper dive into God’s Word and how His Word applies to our lives today. See the link below for current offerings. We are always looking for those interested in starting new studies.

Bible Studies


Community Groups

These groups typically meet in homes or other casual environments. Some groups form around specific life stages or locations while other groups seek to bring together people from all over the map (physically and life experience).  We are available to help people find a group that fits their needs and interests and always looking to help people honor a call to start new groups when the Lord leads them to do so. If you are interested in connecting with a current group, please click the link below.

Find a Group


Discipleship Groups

A Discipleship Group is a focused season where believers are equipped to follow the words and ways of Jesus, make disciples, and serve and lead in ministry.  Discipleship Groups are formed relationally through involvement and leadership within the other areas of Antioch ministry.